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Financial statement compilation

This is a service that, broadly speaking, assists the management of a business in presenting its financing statements. They are a cheaper, less exhaustive alternative to audits. We can provide a bespoke financial statement compilation, depending on the degree of detail required.

A basic compilation consists of presenting a client’s information in the form of a financial statement. This does not include any analytics, inquiries, or testing on an accountant’s behalf, but rather, is a concise and straightforward statement.

However, we perform due diligence to anything we put our name to which includes cross-referencing with bank statements, detailed schedules of accounts, and more.

We may also ask for corporate operating agreements, loan agreements, and leases to support a comprehensive compilation. 

Our compilations are usually accepted by banks as verification of small businesses' health and can also assist an accountant when preparing tax returns. Our compilation services can run in tandem with our bookkeeping service to provide a seamless, ongoing update of your business's financial records, which can be easily submitted to lenders and business associates.

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