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Estate Planning

Estate planning is one of the most personal aspects of our business and also one of the most emotional for our many of our clients. Our dedicated estate planner will make it a point to understand your goals and plans for your family and loved ones. We understand the complex tax rules and compliance laws governing inheritances and can craft a customized plan using the sophisticated estate and trust planning that allows you to pass on the most amount of assets without falling foul of the law, giving you peace of mind and allowing your ongoing income to be allocated appropriately. 

Estate Compliance & Administration

We help “Estate Trustee/s” fulfill their obligation both financially and legally ensuring there are no unforeseen events in carrying out the final wishes of their family member or friend.

Estate Trustee Support 

Planning estate requirements for a recently deceased family member can be both emotionally stressful and complicated legally and financially. Our experienced team can help you navigate these demands during this difficult period and craft a clear and concise plan that includes:

Preparing the deceased's final tax estate returns so that the beneficiary's proceeds are maximized,

Preparing detailed reporting accounts for the beneficiaries as well as handling CRA clearance certificate requests and more.

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